Reinventing the way energy flows through global markets.

Our values are the bedrock of everything we do. They comprise the ethical and spiritual core of our company, and are the soul of Energetech.

We operate across borders in an ever-changing market, so we think on our feet. And by using smart technology, we can predict and act on market volatility in a way that responds to our customers’ real-world operations. The strategies and technology we deploy to make the best deals out there are deeply complex. And they require a stellar team, with expertise in a broad range of disciplines. But, what binds us is one very simple purpose: to reinvent the way energy flows through global markets. That’s why our greatest asset is our people.

Our employees make up the Energetech family, where the best talent from around the world come together to provide world-class energy trading.

Mobilizing the energy market is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. It’s our raison d’être.

We’re committed to trading energy in a way that keeps energy supplies secure, affordable and carbon-efficient.

Our Values.


We are free-thinking. We know that we need to make smart decisions to achieve relentless relevance. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We use advanced science and technology to continually challenge traditional energy trading practices – to forecast opportunities and create robust strategies that create value and mitigate risk.


We do things the right way, always. We are decisive, yet accountable. We operate always with the highest standards and conform to the regulation and laws, without exception.


We empower our team, and reward those who deliver results. We recognize that rewarding based on merits attracts and retains the best and brightest talent.


Our trades are made deliberately rather than hastily – always with a sustainable future in mind. We recognize and understand the energy we handle, has a real-world impact on consumers, and we never forget that.


We’re in it to win it. We exist to out-perform the rest. We are constantly committed to improving, by out-thinking competition, solving the hardest problems that others can’t find the solution.


Alistair Naiken &
Sinan Ozdemir

As founders, Alistair and Sinan bring over 2 decades of experience between them to Energetech. They first met in 2011 working for Centrica Energy Trading in London.

Prior to teaming up, Alistair spent 7 years at Vitol in Switzerland trading Gas & Power covering the European region. Sinan was formerly Head of Gas & Power Trading at Priogen in Amsterdam and responsible for Priogen’s trading businesses in Europe and the US.

Alistair, with a background in law, serves as CEO of Energetech. Sinan holds a degree in mechanical engineering and management of technology, and serves as Head of Trading.

The two came together towards the end of 2020 to build on their passion for innovation and technology in energy markets.

As a result, Energetech was born.

We are a diverse, out-of-the-box thinking team.

Our common denominator? Always learning, ambitious expectations and people-first.

Our team

Join our team

Our company connects principled people, linked by deeply held values and joined in a shared mission: to redefine energy trading.

Do you have the Energetech spirit? Then we have the perfect job for you. We are always looking for talented individuals to help us provide world-class energy trading. Drop us a line at