Who we are

Energetech continually adapts to the ever-changing energy markets. We recognize that with change comes opportunity. Led by our diverse and global team of market experts, software developers, and scientists, we’ve built our firm to provide world-class analysis, innovation, and creativity.

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Intelligent trading

Energetech uses technology, science and machine learning to deliver energy consumption forecasting, procurement and hedging strategies that protect customers from risk in the volatile electricity generation market. We help energy producers manage their assets most efficiently, so they’re supplying power to those who need it most and support stabilising the grids.


We process a colossal amount of data that’s continually adapting to weather forecasts, so our traders can optimize their strategies and distribute energy from nations in abundance, to areas with a shortfall.


We move gas between centers globally, to challenge established markets and bring increasingly competitive prices to gas markets.

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Energetech pioneers energy efficiency by amplifying the value of energy across borders. Our expert meteorologists, market analysts, and AI forecasting framework come together to minimize risk, provide production management, and trading services, so our partners’ energy assets maintain maximum value.


We dispatch renewable power to the highest yielding markets for our customers.

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Energetech partnering with European Energy Exchange

Energetech has partnered with EEX

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Strategy Development

From Ideation to Production in a Start-up

Working at a starting business is different. It is exciting and challenging, energizing, and character building. At Energetech, talent from all corners of the Power and Gas markets came together to build a strong foundation to tackle the challenges of the energy transition.

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Join our team

Like technology? Curious about fast-paced energy markets? We are always looking for talented individuals. Check out our roles available below, or if you are confident that you have a valuable skillset, we are always interested to hear from you. Get in touch with us at contact@energetech.ae