Benjamin Gesoff

Software Engineer

Benjamin Gesoff

Ben started his career as a teenager in the English countryside alongside secondary school. He worked part-time as a software engineer for a telecoms company situated in Bletchley Park. Later, he graduated from the University of Southampton with a First Class MEng degree in Electronic Engineering. He chose to pursue this to learn about how computers work, right from the electrons up to the software running on them.

Armed with this knowledge, he joined a robotics startup in London. Here, he used his broad expertise to work on everything from the motor control firmware running in the robots, to the manufacturing data platform in the factory. He then went on to work at a small boutique consultancy working with a variety of clients, large and small. This gave him insights into many different industries, including logistics, retail, and technology, and the opportunity to work with a range of cloud-native technologies. Finally, he is now in Dubai working with Energetech in the world of energy trading.

He is passionate about understanding how things work. Always wanting to learn new things, and expanding his breadth of knowledge is what gets him out of bed in the morning.

Outside of work, he enjoys doing much the same except away from a screen, for example working on cars and motorcycles, and learning metalworking skills such as welding. His dream is to have his own workshop where he can build his own bike frames. However, his welding skills will need some significant improvement before someone entrusts their life to something he’s welded!

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