Dianne Pielago

People Operations Coordinator

Dianne Pielago

Dianne is a graduate of Psychology, with a Post Graduate Diploma in Labor and Industrial Relations from the Philippines. Her career has been with Human Resources from the beginning, initially starting with Recruitment and eventually moving to become a generalist and an HR Business Partner. She worked with various industries such as technology, hospitality and oil & gas.


Her passion has always been in the mindset to be of help to people. Choosing to be part of the Medical Reserved Corps in her home country and entering Medical School after her university. But fate has its twist, and she is unable to become part of the medical field. However, she is determined to be part of the serving field, thus, choosing to be part of the Human Resources.


Outside of work, she loves travelling, riding the trains, getting lost in big libraries and bookstores. Most people prefer active entertainment, but she favors relaxed activities by spending long hours in a coffee shop, people watching and being near the sea.

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