Mansour El Riachy

Energy Meteorologist

Mansour El Riachy

Growing up in Mount Lebanon, Mansour recalls beautiful snowy winters driving his curiosity and enthusiasm for weather and meteorology since childhood. After a bachelor’s in Business Administration in Beirut, his passion for weather paved the way to pursue a career in meteorology and complete a Master’s in Atmospheric Science and Meteorology at SUNY Albany in New York.  

After completing three years of graduate research gaining deep meteorological knowledge, as well as technical and analytical skills, he worked as an operational Synoptic Meteorologist in the marine industry in New York ensuring safety and efficiency by optimizing routing for cargo ships and yachts worldwide while monitoring and evaluating ship performance according to charter party clause.

Looking to apply his meteorological knowledge in the energy sector, Mansour joined Energetech as an Energy Trading Meteorologist, where he, along with his colleagues, conducts meteorological analysis and provides essential weather forecasts to traders.

Mansour loves to read, and maintains an active lifestyle between skiing, hiking, camping, football, and weightlifting.

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