Merry Joy Entera

People Operations Coordinator

Merry Joy Entera

Merry is very passionate with numbers hence she took and finished her study with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in Philippines. Though her education is more related to Finance, the universe redirected her career path as she moves to UAE. She started her career in Dubai as an Administrator in an airline catering company that is part of Dnata group and eventually moved up in the facet of Human Resources where she discovers her passion in helping people.

Outside work, you can see her most often doing outdoor activities. She’s been to many hiking places in UAE and Philippines and continues to explore as she also loves to travel, immersing herself in the culture of other country. She loves sports, like playing volleyball, badminton and running. Challenge her and she is always up to anything!

Balance is the key for her, hence she’s always on the hunt of good places with good food. She never hinders herself in trying and experiencing new things.

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