Xi Shen

Algo Trader

Xi Shen

Xi, originally from China, holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Science and Technology from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication. Subsequently, he pursued an Engineering degree/Master degree at Télécom SudParis in France.

Commencing his professional journey at Société Générale CIB and later at Natixis CIB in France, Xi has garnered robust technical skills and extensive knowledge in the financial market, particularly in commodities during the initial six years of his career. His career took an exciting turn when he joined EDF Trading, where he focused on modelling price predictions for the European short-term power and gas markets. This marked the inception of his passion for algorithmic trading. With over a decade of professional experience, Xi embarked on the next chapter of his life in Dubai, eagerly joining Energetech to continue pursuing his enthusiasm for algorithmic trading.

During his leisure time, Xi finds joy in exploring new destinations with his family. He also enjoys his hobbies of playing the guitar and basketball, fostering connections with friends and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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