Experienced energy trading.

Mobilizing the energy market for a greener and sustainable future.

We’re committed to trading energy in a way that keeps energy supplies secure, affordable and carbon-efficient. We do this with data automation, which helps us make smarter decisions, faster. Intelligent trading means we can restore energy balances worldwide and help maintain a secure, affordable, and carbon-efficient energy supply.

The Energetech family’s years of combined experience allows them to get at the root of things, going beyond simply addressing a problem’s symptoms. It’s this experience that means the team can operate in the world’s most volatile markets.


Informed and agile decision-making, to manage risk and add maximum value.


To make the right decisions at the right time, we continually process and analyze colossal amounts of data, enabling our traders to optimize their strategies.

We solve problems in the EU energy market using automated technology to challenge traditional energy trading. We are re-energizing the industry and turning how energy flows through markets on its head.

Gas & Emissions

Forecasting and managing the way energy flows across Europe and beyond.

Optimal Efficiency

Efficiency is our number one goal. We act quickly in
a fast-moving market to generate increased value by connecting producers, suppliers, and consumers to wholesale energy markets effectively and efficiently.

Join our team

Our company connects principled people, linked by deeply held values and joined in a shared mission: to redefine energy trading.

Do you have the Energetech spirit? Then we have the perfect job for you. We are always looking for talented individuals to help us provide world-class energy trading. Drop us a line at contact@energetech.ae.

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