Wizards in weather.
Offsetters of risk.
Masters in energy.


Asset Efficiency

We have been dealing with assets for years. Our team is backed by decades of experience from major asset traders in Europe. We apply that collective experience, creativity, and advanced technology to help our partners compete in the rapidly-evolving energy markets.

Offset Risk

Good work doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Our diverse team of market experts, developers, and meteorologists all bring a unique talent to the table to forecast opportunities and form integrated strategies to create value and mitigate risk.

Leveraging technology to bridge those who produce, supply or consume energy to global market demand.


Pioneers in renewables, with strength in meteorological forecasting, data science and engineering, quantitative modeling, and robust market understanding, Energetech offers risk management and energy optimization services that let our customers realize the full potential of their energy assets.


For conventionals, Energetic provides the knowledge and team to manage energy production and trading for power plants, industrial production plants, and heat. Our technology allows us to maximize profits and move energy around the globe unlike any other firm on the market.


We use data-driven machine learning models to help us forecast consumption, procurement and output; allowing our team to hedge energy supply and provide a blanket of protection in ever-changing energy markets.

Join our team

Our company connects principled people, linked by deeply held values and joined in a shared mission: to redefine energy trading.

Do you have the Energetech spirit? Then we have the perfect job for you. We are always looking for talented individuals to help us provide world-class energy trading. Drop us a line at contact@energetech.ae.

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