Analyzing and modelling the energy markets

There has not been a more exciting time to be involved in analyzing and modelling the energy markets.

Intermittent renewables will continue to grow around the globe, initially driven by policy incentives and achieving grid parity in many cases, as technology costs decline.  Assuming that climate change concerns will persist, the incentives will continue to provide the basis of this transition, and as renewables generation increases, so will the grid integration challenges, and while flexible generation is gaining more and more fashion, energy storage and price-based demand response are coming increasingly into focus as additional means to help overcome some of the grid integration issues as is carbon capture and storage.

At Energetech, we believe that being successful in such a changing environment requires both a breadth and depth of knowledge about and across the markets.  The formal is crucial because of how inter-related the markets have become in the age of instantaneous communication and globalization, and the latter is vital to understand the specificities of the segments in which one is the most involved.

Our analysts and data scientists combine the qualitative in-depth market knowledge with the ability to delve into vast amounts of data and model the markets of interest quantitatively, and thus provide an invaluable connection that helps to ensure the valuable information does not get lost in translation.  They are big fans of "out-of-the-box" scenario analysis, because they know that sometimes a cursory review of a seemingly ridiculous scenario can provide unexpected insights into risks that are not that ridiculous.  Their intuitive sense about risks in this complex environment makes them a rare commodity.

Aymen Salah Abou El-Enien


Energetech partnering with European Energy Exchange

Energetech has partnered with EEX

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Strategy Development

From Ideation to Production in a Start-up

Working at a starting business is different. It is exciting and challenging, energizing, and character building. At Energetech, talent from all corners of the Power and Gas markets came together to build a strong foundation to tackle the challenges of the energy transition.

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